09. May 2022

(1 Day)


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When we talk about a circular food loop, we don't just think of the “Papet Vaudois” cabbage sausage loop, but of the entire Vaudois food ecosystem, from farm to table. Healthy people with healthy food are key ingredients for a healthy regional economy and society. We will host a space for open discussion, innovation and involvement for the entire Vaudois circular food ecosystem, in order to radically rethink our relationship to what makes us live: our soil and what it produces. In interactive working sessions we explore 5 key themes: Food, Knowledge, Resources, Community, and Rhythm of Life. Join us - #shifthappens


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We explore 5 key themes:

  • FOOD: How it is produced, transported, processed and consumed

  • KNOWLEDGE: From low tech to high tech, from the Incas to EPFL Lausanne

  • RESOURCES: The impact of soil, water, energy, money and politics on what we eat

  • COMMUNITY: Who do we want to invite to the table? Who puts their hands in the soil?

  • RHYTHM: exponential growth or natural rhythms, what rhythm fits our life?
SHIFT 2022

07. October 2022


(1/2 day)

Circular Finance & Circularity Gap Report