In nature, all solutions are circular

We all know: we are living at the expense of future generations - in Switzerland and around the world.

The circular economy offers proven and often nature-inspired concepts and impactful solutions. They will shape the shift towards a sustainable, resilient Swiss economy and society.


  • Regionally oriented, crisis-resistant material flows and value chains - from clothing to injection molding processes to food
  • Creative business models - such as renting / sharing instead of buying, or fleet management for bed mattresses
  • Waste as precious goods - up to repairing instead of throwing away
  • Monetization in recycling - for example thanks to new transparency with blockchain-based solutions
  • Re-use and up-cycling - not only of products and materials, but also of existing infrastructures
  • and many more

At SHIFT Switzerland we drive this transformation with heart, passion and our 25+ years of industrial experience. Our proven matchmaking competencies result in new, surprising and impactful partnerships

We are convinced: these historic challenges are at the same time historic opportunities for profound, genuine innovation - and thus the core of a sustainable, resilient and free economy and society in Switzerland.

Let's seize these opportunities - together with you!


Christian Häuselmann
SHIFT Switzerland Präsident
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The global developments are leading to a revival of regional, decentralized strengths and circular ecosystems. Let's learn from nature - the best example of a circular economy that has been working successfully for billions of years!

Olaf Holstein
SHIFT Switzerland Vize-Präsident
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Doing is the impressive version of wanting - which is a MUST for innovations that are suitable for our grandchildren!

Advisory Board

Alain Schilli
Patrick Semadeni
Lina Bee
Steffen Klatt
Eliav Haskal
Alex Sollberger
Carla Dossenbach
Patrik Geisselhardt
René Ziswiler
Marco Grossmann
Raymond Schelker
Holger Schmid